Friday, July 20, 2012

Pioneer Days

Since moving up to St. Johns I have been so excited for a 2 things, Pioneer Days and The Fair.  Pioneer Days was a blast.  Jennifer came up and stayed with me and Jake was at a work conference in Tucson.  We ate El Camino, cruised, watched movies, went to the campfire circle, went to Lyman Lake, talked and talked.  I love my Jennifer.  Jake was able to come home early on Saturday and we all went to the parade with the Boyles.  These pictures are from one of the trips to Lyman Lake.
Aubrey, Davis & Daphne
 While playing in the lake Davis told me he had to go to the bathroom.  I told him to go ahead and pee in the lake.  So he got out of the water and pulled down his pants and went!
                                                             Aubrey, Lara & Graham
                                I think I had to take every rock on the beach out of his mouth

Lyman is only open during the summer so we come here at least once a week!

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