How We Met

I enjoy our story and thought I would share it with anyone who cares to read.

I was raised in good’ole St. Johns, AZ and loved it. I went on my mission to Caracas, Venezuela and upon my return home I was asked to speak in church like all returning missionaries. Afterwards a couple that I did not know from the ward came and said that their daughter (Maria) had too served in Venezuela. Talking with them I learned that they moved in two doors down from my parents just a few months or so after I had left for my mission. From my understanding they called their daughter after church and told her about me in a salesmen approach and she said she did not want a boy straight off the mission.

I moved to Mesa and was serving in a Spanish ward when I moved in with my old roommate Daniel. Daniel had been serving in the Spanish ward as well but had decided to move into a singles ward where he ran into Maria, who had been in his district in the MTC. Knowing she had served in Venezuela, Daniel mentioned me and she decided to have us both over for dinner.

At dinner to my surprise was an old friend who I had gone to high school with and happened to be one of Maria’s good friends. After dinner, when Daniel and I had returned home, I mentioned to Daniel an interest in Maria and my old HS friend mentioned to Maria and interest in me.

A few days later I worked up the courage to ask Maria out (by voicemail… she still does not let me live that down) and she was reluctant to say yes for fear of making her friend mad. Long story short she did go out with me and we were married about 6 months later.